Artist promotional opportunities

Artist Promotions 

Services Provided: 

*1) Artist Bio Package: $35

Having trouble writing your own bio? Let OMR do it for you. Bio’s can be used for your websites, EPK’s, resume’s, booking shows etc. All artist need a good bio. Your bio sets the tone for who the artist is and is the first thing most talent buyers look at. OMR will interview you, gather information and write your bio for you, putting it all in a small neat package. 

*2) Promotional Poster Package: $50 

Need promotional posters to advertise upcoming concerts or album releases? Let OMR do it for you. You can use promo posters to hang around venues as flyers, or for facebook events as well as sending out with your newsletters. Promo posters get a visual word out about what you are trying to advertise. This poster package includes a digital concert style 11’ 17” flyer that can be printed and/or shared on social media and a postcard size flyer that can be printed for hand-out and/or used for social media event headers both include a blank space to fill in date, place and times or can include date, place and time. OMR will update the information on your poster up to five times, charges apply after that.

*3) Album review Package: $35 

Releasing a new album? Let OMR review your new album providing quotes that can be used to promote your album on your website or social media. 

*4) Promotional Articles: $50 

Are you wanting to get the word out about your band, new album or upcoming events? OMR will write an article for you which can be distributed to your local papers as well as shared on your websites or social media networks. Articles can be posted on your blog pages or any avenue you are using to get the word out. 

*5) Site page Package: $250 

Do you need a website or EPK? OMR can set you up a web page in the style of an EPK with your own link to be used by talent buyers. It will include all of the above plus one year of monthly updating. This package is good for a year and will run from . You provide the High res photos and MP3’s of your music as well as videos and your event calendar if you want these included on your EPK page. If you would like suggestions on who to contact for High Res photos, recordings and videos we can direct you!

**There is a 10% discount for using one or more package. No discount on Package #5

**If you would like to submit for Artist promotions, please fill out the form below and tell us the package numbers you'd like to use in the message box. We look forward to hearing from you.