Earl And Them

Band leader of "Earl And Them", Mr. Earl Cate of the legendary Cate Brothers was listed in Steve Croppers top ten guitar players of all time!
Like a magnet Earl has attracted an array of musicians of this caliber to make up today's "Earl and Them".

All my life I heard from my Aunt Cynthia Willis about her all time favorite band called the Cate Brothers. She would passionatly tell me about the latest show she just caught in Fort Smith and she said that her dream was to hear me sing with them someday. My Aunt passed before she ever got that chance. I never got to hear the same group she experienced until recently and I was mesmerized by the brilliance of the two brothers on stage together. Several years after my aunt had passed on I finally got to catch an Earl and Them show in Eureka Springs at Chelsea's. I was an instant fan! I knew right away why she loved them so much, the music was sincere and just plan down-right really great music. That evening my old friend Mike Murray was there, what a treat to find out that he was playing bass with the band. He came up and asked me if I'd like to sit in and sing. Uh....yeah.....Ha! That night, my dear Aunt did a work from heaven and got her dream. It was an epic and very nervous moment for me. I'm certain I did not impress anyone but I was beside myself because I was standing on stage with legends I had heard about since I was a child
These days it's hard for me to get out and listen to live music but when I do I look to see where Earl and Them are playing. They have a sound that will ignite your soul and always an array of musicians sitting in.
The foundation of the group includes Earl Cate on smooth guitar and vocals, Jason Davis with his soulful vocals and moving guitar solos, John Davies on bass and when John Davies is playing bass there is no room for anything other than greatness, and Terry Cagle on drums and timely harmonies and it's no wonder he's always right on time he is nephew to Levon Helms. Sometimes we get the pleasure of hearing the amazing vocalist Dawn Cate sitting in as well as world renowned Harmonica blues man RJ Mischo and the intense David Renko on sax. So many others grace the stage with Earl and Them at different times it's always an amazing live show and the recordings are just as great!
Check out the links to hear some of their most recent recording project "Earl And Them with Special Guests Live at George's" includes those I mentioned as well as Jimmy Thackery!