Left Of Center

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Jesse Dean and Left Of Center!
These are my favorite guys! Teachers pets! Yep that's right. Not only mine but I know a whole bunch of folks feel that way. The music is Real, each of them are full of sincere charm and they just work so well together. There is more talent and passion among these three guys than I've seen among a group in a long time. It's like God looked down from Heaven and said "take Jesse Dean, Kevin Bonner and Vince Turner and put them all in the same pot, add a little cinnamon and spice some salt and pepper then stir a little. There! Greens, BBQ, Beans and Cornbread cooked to perfection! God's perfect Rock n Roll Southern Recipe!! Yep that's Left Of Center Northwest Arkansas' "weekend incred-band", "gotta have at your party", "got on repeat in the CD player" and "keep them coming recording artists"! I'm enjoying listening to Vince Turners solo album right now as I write this and every song goes deep. Jesse's CD as well, I love every song! What more can I say about this fantastic Ozark Music. Gotta go get-cha some!